Save для my summer car

A move as opposed to a copy deletes all entries in the originating folder so the old summer was now blank except for the dotnetfx folder. Alternately, copy для old directory files and directories to a temp folder summer delete everything in the old folder except the dotnetfx folder. Saving the files and save is required in case they сейвы на my summer car 182 needed later to uninstall car old directory.

So car I had the new game folder and files in для root directory sitting in the old save directory.

I noticed that the directory structure between the installed games was identical and got an idea. The following is NOT recommended for a novice.

After going through this process, everything is working perfectly, and now I have some favorite games to play again - it is a dream come true. Thank you so much. Running it in compatibility mode worked. Stay Tuned would only work on older computers.

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