Как сохранить сейв my summer car

I even uninstalled the anti-virus software. Each time I try to start a new installation I do get a message that the installation of dxwebsetp is Pending which I understand is DirectX. What should I do. I just had to wait for a while. The installation took about an hour to start but did finish eventually.

Was this solution helpful. Did it solve your issue. If not, please contact our Technical Support team at techsupport herinteractive. I have tried doing this setup for Danger by Design and The Creature of Kapu Cave, but no matter what I do, they always freeze on the opening screen with the magnifying glass.

Is there сохранить way to fix this. Hey Catherine, would you please email this question to techsupport herinteractive. I believe they have a work-around for DAN and CRE. Summer I have the same problem with Danger by Design… is there a way to fix the car it freezes right when I open it up. Hi Erin, Как believe we may have a сейв for this.

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